Inductive components / coilware

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Inductive Components / Winding goods for power supplies, Power electronics and Signal processing in electronics

The demand for high-quality switching power supplies has increased dramatically in recent years. That’s why the production of power transformers, chokes and windings for switching power supplies has also grown enormously. We produce these parts for a wide variety of applications. Due to the many years of experience of our employees in this product area, we can offer you a reliable quality product at a reasonable price. We also guarantee to work according to a design of your choice. The use of high-quality insulating and wrapping materials contribute to the maintenance of the high quality standard.

We manufacture transformers and winding products from all common core designs such as EE, ETD, EC, EP, RM, PM, UI or shell cores. As wrapping material can wire, stranded, HF-strand with a variety of insulation is a ge sets. Copper foils in various widths and thicknesses are also used. The transformers can be vacuum impregnated in an electrical insulating resin system, thereby achieving a tremendous improvement in reliability. It is also possible to cast the winding goods in a cup with polyurethane resin.

By using one of our UL approved insulation systems, you save time and money on device approval. Since our insulation systems are classified in the classes B and F, you have the option to increase the permissible overtemperature or to choose a smaller design compared to conventional systems. The transformers are subjected to a 100% electrical final test. The test is carried out on programmable L-Q measuring bridges and is documented and archived according to the guidelines of our QM system.

  • Development and production of transformers, windings and RF components for powerelectronics
  • NF transformer, HF transformer, power transformer for switching network parts
  • Current transformer, ignition transformer, LED transformer
  • Computer-controlled testing machines for single-quality testing
  • Transformers and audio frequency capacitors for audio applications
  • 4-fold, 2-fold and semi-automatic winding machines for series production