Green Core chokes

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Schmidbauer GmbH produce a wide range of air cooled chokes, air forced chokes and liquid cooled reactors

GreenCore choke coils have been specially developed for the efficient design of inductive winding products for the following areas: Power electronics / Intelligent drive technology / Power Quality

Version with potential-free water cooling possible

In general, inductors are inductive passive components, which are mainly used in the field of power supply of electrical and electronic equipment or systems and in power electronics.

They are coils that are used for attenuation, RFI, commutation, current limitation, rejection of unwanted frequencies or for energy storage.

Chokes consist of at least one winding of a conductor, through which the full load current of the circuit flows, with windings, which are often wound on a bobbin and are usually provided with a soft magnetic core.

The winding arrangement, its design, the winding and core material determine the value of the inductance and other characteristics of the choke.

Our product portfolio includes, in addition to extensive custom-made products, which are calculated on the specific customer requirements, a standard delivery program of:

  • Single-phase line chokes series END;
    Rated voltage: 230V (AC) , voltage drop 4%
  • Three-phase filter reactor series DFD;
  • Rated voltage: 400V (3AC), uk 7% and 14%
  • Three-phase filter reactor series DND
  • Rated voltage: 400V (3AC), voltage drop 4%
  • Three-phase motor choke series DMD
  • Rated voltage up to 690V (3AC) and a frequency up to 1000Hz
  • For special customer requirements:
    Green core inductive systems -iron core chokes and inductors from Schmidbauer as an energy saver for inverters in regenerative, regenerative and regenerative drive technology convince by:
  • High efficiency and high European efficiency
  • For switching frequencies of the inverters up to switching frequencies of 300 kHz
  • Reduced construction volume and weight of the choke
  • Low noise
  • Production according to insulation system UR E181051

The system is used in the field of converter technology or power electronics for the following types of reactor:

  • Supply choke, high-current choke, sine-wave choke
  • AFE-choke, boost choke, output choke
  • High-commutation choke
  • High-performance choke, buck converter choke
  • Iron core choke
  • AC choke
  • DC-choke for inverter as common mode choke to common mode reduction
  • Current-compensated EMC chokes  (up to 600 Hz or 80A)

In addition, our system can also be executed for all other chokes in the area. These include:

  • Filter choke
  • Filter circuit choke uk=4% to uk=14% (DFD series)
  • Suction choke in the DC circuit
  • Discharge reactor
  • Compensation choke
  • Motor choke (DMD series)
  • Mains choke (DND series)
  • Smoothing reactor
  • Current-compensated choke
  • du/dt-filters
  • Sine filters
  • LCL filter, inductor-capacitor assembly
  • iron core chokes

Through the combination of boost choke, line choke or choke and the necessary capacitors, we also offer complete choke filter assemblies (LCL filters) up to 750 kW in the field of regenerative energies, shipping industrie, hybrid Systems and power quality.

In combination with the Schmidbauer filter choke concept, the converters for solar systems, rail applications, regenerative drive concepts and wind turbines can be a space-saving solution thanks to their compact design with low iron losses and aluminum losses or copper losses and their high level of European efficiency.

The overall profitability of the Schmidbauer LCL filters with filter choke, condenser and mains choke or choke with the customer’s converter is always in the foreground here, explains Reichl Dominik, Managing Director of Schmidbauer Transformatoren.

In the shipping industrie, the required approvals are co-sponsored by our development department until delivery.

Highest product quality for Schmidbauer Green core chokes and LCL filters, du/dt filters and sine filters

  • selected materials of high quality and well-known manufactures
  • high quality plastics for bobbins and clamping straps
  • Cooper enameled wires and impregnation systems in H insulation class
  • high surge voltage resistance

Applied standards:

Production according UR E181051

VDE0570-1 (IEC/EN61558-1): safety of transformers, power supplies
VDE0570-2-20 (IEC/EN61558-2-20): Special requirements for small chokes

The Schmidbauer world of chokes with potential-free liquid cooling


Further application examples

Leading engineering achievement of Schmidbauer:

The Schmidbauer Green Core System was developed to reduce network perturbations in the field of power quality for commutating converters. It is suitable for both single-phase and three-phase applications.

  • High dielectric strength due to high quality insulation materials
  • Reduction of displacement losses such as skin effects and proximity effects
  • Version in copper band, aluminum band or HF strand up to 2,500 amperes
  • Version up to IP66
  • Cooling concept: natural, forced cooling, water cooling
  • Possible with amorphous materials, JFE super-core cores or nanocrystaline materials