Railway Transformers


Fields of applications

Railway transformers for generall applications such as safe isolation of vehicle power supply.

Isolating transformers secure safe galvanic separation between primary and secondary winding.


3-phase isolatin transformers prepared for protection Class I. Principly all railway transfomers in the range of 50/60 Hz as well as in medium and high frequency area can be made in different connection symbols.

By means of vacuum-pressure-impregnation (VPI) in polyesterimide resin a low noise level as well as long life time is achieved.

The required pollution degree as e.g. PDA will be considered in the technical design.

Our materials are tested according to fire protection standard EN45545. As a standard our materials fulfill the highest hazard level HL3.

Beside of our railway transformers we can supply chokes and medium frequency transformers according to hazard-level HL 3.

If required our windings for rolling stock can be supplied in IP65. By use of our unique Schmidbauer technology high weight reductions can be achieved.