The technology and the optimization of the production processes represent a very important contribution for Schmidbauer. We would like to give you examples of our strategic  technologies and know-how and focus in particular on the current investments. From 2012 to 2014, a total of EUR 5 million was invested in our production facility in Hebertsfelden. Into new machines, plants and processes. In addition to the continuous expansion of the development department, these investments are basic  for the coming years.

The IT-supported warehouse and logistics center, which was built in 2012, is integrated into the production process and regulates the stock department for our production lines in Germany and the Czech Republic. With a footprint of more than 900 Euro pallets and a shelf with a floor space of approx. 2500m or 1500m², the prerequisites for supplying production quickly, cost-effectively and effectively were created.

The 3000m² additional production area will produce the larger transformers from approx. 10 KVA to 1.6 MVA as well as chokes and winding goods with unit weights of up to 5 tons. The surface is divided into the following sub-areas: winding, assembling, VPI – impregnating, painting and testing.

A total area  of 8,000 m² is now available to us for the production of small and large transformers and chokes.

Winding process

Two new belt winding machines allow us to produce even larger transformers, coils and inductors for you. Aluminum and copper strip windings with a winding width of 1000mm and a conductor thickness of 2.5mm can also be produced in two-band technology. The system is equipped with a fully automatic TIG welding device for contacting the connections and conductors.






In addition to the foil winding technology, various winding machines are available for various winding bodies.

Vacuum Pressure Impregnation!

Installation of a new automated VPI system (vacuum pressure impregnation system) from Meier Prozesstechnik. The working container has a diameter of 2.3m and a diving depth of 1.8m. The new process of vacuum pressure impregnation differs from conventional vacuum impregnation systems, among other things, by the following advantages:

A better impregnation of the components is carried out by means of an additional overpressure phase. This results in a higher resin content as well as a better penetration of the winding. This in turn has a very positive effect on product quality, especially in the area of penetration resistance and the increase in the service life of the components.

The primary function of the solidification of electrical windings by electro-insulating resins and their protection against moisture, dust, dirt and chemically aggressive substances is enhanced accordingly by the additional process of the overpressure phase.

The entire working process of the VPI system is constantly monitored. The process data is stored electronically and assigned to the respective production order. This data can be provided to you on request as proof and documentation.

The introduction and application of the VPI process opens up new areas of application, e.g. in railway and marine technology or in wind turbines. Further information can be found at: VIP Schmidbauer

The process repairers, e.g. in the area of the over-pressure, can be read out online and made available to the customer if required.


A total of 7 circulating air drying furnaces with horizontal air flow and a useful volume of 6.2m³ each. The components impregnated with electro-insulating resin are cured in a controlled manner in order to obtain a high-quality resin layer.

Here, too, the process data is constantly monitored and electronically documented. This data can also be provided to you on request as proof and documentation