DNT– 3AC power supply 24V acc. IEC/DIN EN60950primary volatage: : 400V AC with secondary voltage: 24V

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These three – phase dc power supplies of the DNT series supply an unregulated DC voltage of 24V DC with a residual ripple of <5% under nominal conditions.


These devices are designed to operate electrical and electronic DC devices. They are also particularly suitable for operating your PLC cost-effectively and reliably.

For safe grid separation, three-phase safety transformers built according to EN61558-2-6 are used. The devices comply with protection class I.

The three-phase bridge rectifier with downstream filter capacitor ensures a residual ripple of typically 4.2%. The output is additionally connected to a varistor and protective capacitor. The readiness for operation is indicated by a green LED. The terminals used are finger-safe and comply with VBG4. The power supplies can be operated up to an ambient temperature of 40 ° C with rated power. In order to achieve higher output currents, or to retrofit systems, devices of the same type can be operated in parallel. The total current is reduced by approx. 10% compared to the individual output currents.

The installation of the devices must be done vertically. The DC power supplies are compact and easy to install due to their construction

DC Power Supply 24V according to EN60950 / IEC 950

Input voltage3AC 400VAC [-10% …+10%], different voltages are possible – taps: +5%/-5%
Output voltage24V DC irregular acc. DIN19240
Frequenzy50/60 Hz
Power indicatorgreen LED
Output current6 – 83A
Insulation class (IEC85)B 130°C
Fire  protectionUL94HB (V-0 possible)
Degree of protectionIP0
Protection classI
  • Electrical safety according to IEC950 EN60950, EN61558-2-6, UL insulation system E181051
  • SELV output, device of protection class I with protective earth connection, shield winding between input and output
  • Protective circuit, parallel connection of the same types possible, terminals finger-safe according to BGV A3, vertical mounting position





Input voltage
(V AC)
Input current
(A AC)
Output voltage (V DC)
Output current
(A DC)
ca. mm
Copper weight
in kg
Total weight
in kg
Type and Part no.
3x 400V0,26246144190115130175495,5 x 10,00,92,2DNT06
3x 400V0,35248192190115130175495,5 x 10,01,32,5DNT08
3x 400V0,402410240190125130175495,5 x 10,01,43,4DNT10
3x 400V0,602415360190140130175745,5 x 10,01,54,8DNT15
3x 400V0,782420480210145151190815,5 x 10,01,77,0DNT20
3x 400V0,972425600210155151190915,5 x 10,02,18,5DNT25
3x 400V1,532440960300210215285877,0 x 10,03,612,6DNT40
3x 400V2,2324601440300210215285877,0 x 10,05,215,0DNT60
3x 400V3,07248320003002602152851127,0 x 10,05,520,0DNT83