Choke Product Overview

Schmidbauer GmbH manufactures a comprehensive program of chokes up to 300kHz or 2500 amperes – also for higher switching frequencies the suitable solution !

For the production of our high quality chokes we use principle cores in according to DIN standards, special requirements for particular cuts, laying or module cores, amorphous cores and JFE Super Core.

By the way – our standard series as well as our special construction comply national and international requirements and standards.

In general, inductors are inductive passive components, which are mainly used in the field of power supply and power electronics. Coils wound with copper or aluminum are used for attenuation, radio interference, regenerative, current limiting, unwanted frequency suppression, overriding ripple optimization or energy storage.

The particular arrangement of the windings, the design, the material used for the winding and the cores determine the value of the inductance and the other electrical properties.

Due to increasing power electronic requirements and new topologies, the challenges for inductive winding materials are increasing. Inverter feeders with silicon carbide semiconductor technology or with 3-level technology (S3L inverters) clock with higher switching frequencies in the range 10 KHz to 120 KHz.

The requirements for the choke and filter design increase thereby. The use of grain-oriented electrical sheets is usually no longer possible. Schmidbauer therefore developed its own series of inductors for the new silicon carbide (SiC) inverters in the power range from 20 amps to 150 amps. We are happy to advise you!

Another innovation of Schmidbauer are Four-leg-chokes to suppress the common mode component. The increasing EMC requirements of multi-motor drives can lead to common-mode problems with certain circuit topologies. Speciall designed DC chokes reduce the downstream EMC issues.

Schmidbauer also supplies inductors with liquid cooling  and air-forced cooled chokes.

For railway technology, choke as well as medium frequency transformers are being built according to the new fire protection standard EN45545-2 or NFPA-130. For this purpose, the materials used were subjected to a fire test by an accredited laboratory.

Our production program includes among others:

  • Feeding reactor
  • Regeneration choke
  • Boost inductor
  • Balance choke in continuous current circuit
  • Commutation reactor
  • HF-Commutation reactor
  • Filter reactor
  • JFE-choke
  • Resonance choke
  • Filter circuit reactor
  • Discharge reactor
  • Air-choke
  • Compensation chokes
  • Filter choke
  • Motor choke
  • Line reactor
  • DC-Common mode choke
  • Audio-choke
  • Smoothing reactor
  • Current compensation chokes
  • du/dt-Filter
  • Sine filter
  • Power line filter
  • Four-leg-choke absorbition circuit choke

Motorchoke / Motorchoke plusDMD 10 up to 1500Hz acc. IEC/DIN EN61558-2-20 and UL1446

Applications and description
By using a motor choke from the Schmidbauer DMD series, the capacitive recharging currents are suppressed when using shielded motor cables. This increases the service life of the engine. In addition, the motor noise is reduced when the current changes.

The use of high-quality raw and insulating materials in accordance with our UL insulation systems class B and F as well as careful processing Made in Germany guarantee a long service life.

Schmidbauer UR-Isolationssystem acc. UL 1446  File E181051



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