Choke Product Overview

Schmidbauer GmbH manufactures a comprehensive program of chokes up to 300kHz or 2500 amperes.

For the production of our high quality chokes we use principle cores in according to DIN standards, special requirements for particular cuts, laying or module cores, amorphous cores and JFE Super Core.

By the way – our standard series as well as our special construction comply national and international requirements and standards.

Our product range comprises:

  • Feeding reactor
  • Regeneration choke
  • Boost inductor
  • Balance choke in continuous current circuit
  • Commutation reactor
  • HF-Commutation reactor
  • Filter reactor
  • Filter circuit reactor
  • Discharge reactor
  • Air-choke
  • Compensation chokes
  • Filter choke
  • Motor choke
  • Line reactor
  • Audio-choke
  • Smoothing rector
  • Current-compensation chokes
  • du/dt-Filter
  • Sine filter
  • Power line filter