Instrument Engineering

Instrument Engineering

Schmidbauer produces system components and control modules for all kinds of electrotechnical applications.

From the electronics to the housing design and wiring, the customer will get an overall concept. Thanks to the close technical cooperation with the companies Schmidbauer Blechbearbeitung and Ergatec Elektronik at the same location in Hebertsfelden we can offer our customers a broad spectrum in the field of electrical engineering.

From magnetics, housing, electronics to the assembly of the complete device the customer receives one finished product.

Short paths throughout product development enable an efficient end product.

Our Products

  • Power supply and control units for DC, AC and 3-phase systems
  • Electronic load for testing equipments
  • Special transformers for medical applications
  • Generators for micro welding systems
  • Customer specific power supplies
  • Control systems for agricultural vehicles
  • Controls vor climate control in agricultural stables
  • Customized line filters with common mode chokes for active front end drive systems
  • Animation boxes LED with driver programming for Christmas lights
  • Test cabinets for high voltage testing of cable harnesses for the Automotive and Railway Technology
  • Inductive high frequency coil’s in the housing for railway technology
  • Prefabricated control panel plates with customized cut-outs by the in-house control cabinet milling machine

Development and construction is done in close co-operation with our clients and international certification institutes. Thus we can guarantee customer specific solutions and excellent conformity to international standards.

Overview standards

Schmidbauer currently produces according to the following industrial standards:

  • EN61558 / VDE0570
  • EN60950 / VDE0805,
  • EN60601 / VDE0750,
  • UL506, UL1446, UL94
  • Customer specific electrotechnical modules and system are construced and produces according to VDE standards (Group 5, 7 or 8).