Quality policy

The management of Schmidbauer Transformatoren- und Gerätebau GmbH has adopted the following quality policy in order to achieve the company’s goal – the long-term safeguarding and expansion of its market position, preservation of jobs, securing and expansion of earnings.

The integrated quality and environmental management system according to DIN ISO 9001: 2015 and DIN 14001: 2015 is part of all entrepreneurial processes, with the aim to obtain the following:

customer satisfaction,environmental protection and secure jobs


Our products embody reliability and innovation. We set ourselves the goal of producing products that are safe to manufacture, safe to use and safe to dispose of. We take the utmost care in the safety of operation and work


We owe our business success not only to the value of our products, high flexibility, reliability of our employees and delivery reliability, but above all to the high quality standard in our company. We constantly develop our own quality capability to meet the high demands of our customers.


Environmental policy is part of our corporate policy. Through future-oriented, quality-enhancing and environmentally friendly investments we want to meet the increasing demands of our customers and the market. We prevent environmental pollution by professional use or disposal of materials and resources. We see it as our task to preserve the raw materials and energy from the point of view of resource conservation. As part of this company, we commit ourselves to preserving our environment. For the products to our customers, we only use ingredients and materials that are not listed as prohibited substances.

work and company safety

The health of our employees is our most valuable asset, which must be protected. Therefore, we take all necessary measures to create and maintain secure jobs. High availability of our equipment and facilities are the necessary prerequisites for the manufacture of our products. Maintenance, servicing and regular testing are therefore an integral part of our corporate policy.


Through competent customer advice, flexible response to customer requirements and the smooth flow of order processing, we want to meet the needs of our customers. The ultimate goal is to fully meet customer requirements and adapt the operation to changing customer demands, quality criteria and new manufacturing processes. By maintaining a close partnership relationship with our customers, we can bring our knowledge and experience to mutual benefit.


Each employee is responsible for the quality of his work results. We promote and reward all ideas and measures of our employees which lead to quality improvements, occupational safety and reduction of the environmental impact of our products. Due to the high motivation and qualification of our employees, we create the basis for customer-oriented, quality, environmental and safety-conscious work. The management therefore supports education and training.

constant improvement / error prevention

We do not want to ensure the quality of our products by eliminating errors, but by early error prevention. Every employee is called upon to actively participate in this process with their own ideas and suggestions. We see it as our task to continuously improve our environmental performance. The improvements relate to the areas of environmental impact and environmental management. The quality management system helps us to constantly improve our processes and processes and to reduce our costs.


We commit ourselves to limit the burden of man and the environment to the inevitable in the production, storage, transport, distribution and use of our products. We only work with suppliers who are prepared to support and support our goals in a spirit of partnership and unconditional support.


We commit to comply with existing environmental and health and safety laws and regulations. Systems, products, emissions and disposal are monitored on their own responsibility. Anything that is recognized as necessary is tackled of its own accord without any legal obligation or regulatory requirements.

interested parties

In our company policy, we not only consider individual persons but all persons concerned. The interests of customers, suppliers, neighborhoods, management, employees, external service providers, the public, and the community are all sought to be preserved and taken into account.