LCL Filter

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Applications and description

LCL filters are used to connect AIC (active infeed converter) and AFE (active front end) drives to the mains.

Due to the increasing use of AFE / AIC, more LCL filters are needed. It can also be run as an LC filter

The LCL filters are also of interest for projects in the DC-AC product range, which feed electric energy from wind generators or PV inverters into the grid.

Applications of regenerative AFE drives are lifts, cranes or similar transport systems, tools or other machines with many brake switching cycles and presses.

Technical Data


Supply voltage 3x 200 – 3x 690V
Frequency 16 2/3  – 1500 Hz
Power range 5 – 2000 A
Max. ambient temperature -10°C bis 85 °C (optional liquid cooled or active air cooling)
Degree of protection IP00-IP65
Connections 5 A – 63  A Screw terminals, finger-safe according to BGV A3

> 63 A Terminal lugs

Elementary frequenzy 2- 80 kHz
Insulation class F  or H
Intermediate circuit voltage 540 V DC – 1300 V DC

ISO 16750 is an international standard for environmental conditions and test methods for electrical and electronic equipment in motor vehicles.

Aspects covered by this standard include temperature, humidity, vibration and electromagnetic compatibility.

Compliance with this standard is crucial to ensure that electronic components in vehicles can withstand the requirements and that the safety and reliability of the vehicles is guaranteed.

We develop, design, calculate and build filters according to your specifications, depending on the location.