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Schmidbauer – with innovation & experience closed to our customers!

In the third generation with 66 years tradition and experience in the field of application transformers - Made in Germany. Starting as a small enterprise the company grows up to an experienced and high efficient family owned company with production facilities in Hebertsfelden (Germany) and Blovice (Czech Republic). Today they are 155 employees responsibl for the satisfaction of our customer’s.   


> the company’s history


Our powerfulness lies  in the development and production from:

• chokes / reactors up to 2.500 ampere
• transformers up to 2.500 KVA
• water cooled inductivities
• power isolating transformers and high frequency indcutors  
• line filter and und sinus filter
• power supplies and high current DC- supplies nsformatoren 

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Welcome at Schmidbauer Transformatoren und Gerätebau GmbH



We are an innovative family owned manufacturing company specialized on transformers from 1VA up to 800kVA, reactors/chokes up to 300kHz and 2500A, as well as DC power supplies up to 60.000A. As a part of the Schmidbauer group with 125 employees, we develop and manufacture powerfull and high efficient products in the range of electrical engineering. In order to offer the customer an efficient total product range, the electronical and mechanical assemblies are available by our business partners at the same place of location.


That strategy enables us to realize a great variety of products and diversity of production - see following pages!



















Transformers   Chokes   Control systems
  Medical devices

It´s worth to take a look on our product spectrum.



The strongest courrent ripple would be woke up!



Components expecially to your needs.



The Callenge of protection for users and patients.


Low Voltage Transformer up to 800 KVA. It´s worth to take a look on our product spectrum.

From "A" like Audio throllte "Z" like......The strongest courrent ripple would be woke up!

From a small PVB to the final product. Components expecially to your needs, in individual and serial production.

The Callenge of the combination of Standardization, Safety, customer´s specifications and patient.

Ready for any special order. We look forward to your request!